Ridge board discoloration

Yes stained from the past [newer roof tile] and yes the vent is from a range hood.

What will cause the ridge board to turn white like that ?

Guessing the spots are paint overspray-is that related somehow ?

Anyone see “Candyman” that’s the medicine chest,split level.[yep needs insulation].

I’d guess it was like that when they put it up.

Okay so you think simple different species.
How about the spots ?

I would guess it was probably sitting around outside somewhere and got dirty.
I would guess the spots are over spray.

I am just guessing though :slight_smile:

Yeah pretty much what I just told her.
Place is a foreclosure and needs remodeling.

Ridge board was like this when it was installed. “Over spray”, or whatever the spots are, are not related to appearance of ridge board.

All you had to do was scrape this to determine what it is.

Thanks Juan and Chris.

Sometimes they would use the boards that were used for cement and use them in the roof structure, thats what this looks like, the spots look like over spray from a paint can.

Pretty much what I figured.

i have seen this happening a lot, maybe its because of the properties of the wood