Ridge vent openings

Is there a specified distance for the roof decking opening when installing a ridge vent?

This seemed excessive and also looks like portions of this is missing the mesh materials.

237713 050 (Small).JPG

237713 055 (Small).JPG

Yes, per mfg instructions http://www.gaf.com/Residential_Roofing/Attic_Ventilation_Products/Cobra_Rigid_Vent_3/Cobra_Ridge_Vents_Application_Instructions.pdf


Just what I was looking for.

An extra Easter egg for you young man!!

LOL! Happy Easter Dave.

ALWAYS refer to the MII for a particular product. Most MII for products are automatically made part of the building code and supersede other common beliefs/practices.

This applies to all sorts of items from roofing accessories to appliances.