RIMS Central

Does anyone use RIMS Central to get bids for inspections? If so, would you mind sharing your contacts? I’m doing some work for a local real estate company and they get appraisal orders from there everyday.

I know nothing about them. Please let us know more if you find out more info.


Please let us know what you find, always looking for ways to increase business!

Happy Holidays

Has anyone found out anything new about RIMS Central? Advantages/disadvanteges? Thanks for your help.

I haven’t been able to come up with anything. Do you know of any clients currently using the system for inspection orders?

Don’t know of any other inspectors using it. Was trying to find out if it was a useful tool for inspectors.

From what I understand it is an order management systems for clients to submit inspection bid requests. I guess there are not too many inspection bids that come through there. Could be a good revenue source if any of your local clients use RIMS.