RIP John McKenna

John McKenna, 63, of College Station, passed away Sunday, December 17, 2017. :frowning:

Evening James.
I am shocked, truly.
Here is all I can find at the moment.
Does anyone else have news.
Nick, is this true?

Really sad but true Robert. It’s a shock to everyone of us.

Thanks Michael.
The news is still not sinking in.

I have tried posting something the last 2 days and I am having a hard time with the loss of John. I just went through his course one year ago, he was a friend on all of my social media pages and this is just like when Gerry Beaumont passed in May of 2010.

Rest in peace Brother John, I hope and pray for your family and friends, say high to Gerry B up in heaven for me.

I hope that Inachi makes a award for John like Gerry B education award so he can always be remembered.

It hurts like crazy when a loved one, friend or colleague, goes to be with the good Lord.

The good go way too early. He will be missed.

Wow, had no idea, RIP John

Rest in peace,John

Liked John … Took his class almost 10 yrs ago.

Still never heard what happened … heart attack, car wreck ???

RIP John

John McKenna will be missed. John embodied InterNACHI’s motto; “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

From what I remember,
John McKenna was a minister, although I do not know if he was ordained, or worked from personal belief/s. From my recollection, John was a Protestant baptist, Protestant, not so evangelical. But please do not quote me on that.

John was a quite man, did not boast, loved all animals and had a kennel were he mostly breed German Shepherds on his rural home in College Station, Tx. for quite some time.

For 25 years John was a building contractor.
15 years, a Texas home inspector.
10 years as a building thermographer, Level 2, an infrared teacher, a board certified master inspector and founder of ‘Infrared Certified Training school.’

At InterNACHI John helped individuals ‘around the world’ understand the principles of thermal imaging dating back to 2008.
John had contacts through the thermal imaging community, including the leader in thermal imaging right here in North America.

Through his teaching carrier, John became friends with hundreds of individuals around the world. Many leaving wonderful recollections of his classes leaving recommendations and referrals for them to take the class and join InterNACHI.

John embodied the motto of InterNACHI. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

May God be kind to you. Your sorrows will be visited no more being in the kingdom of God our almighty Father. Until we meet again. Thanks for the time you spent with me here.

John McKenna, 63, of College Station passed away on Sunday, December 17, 2017 in Bryan. Services are in the care of Callaway-Jones Funeral and Cremation Centers Bryan-College Station.

what happened

Yes,I also want to know what happened.

Some things are none of our business and are better left in the past .

Rest in peace, John

John was a nice guy. He had not been in good health for a number of years and a variety of ailments coalesced to a degree that John’s body could not overcome. John’s work contributed to making the world a better place.
RIP John.

I was hoping a colleague would put closure on this.
Much thanks, Kenton.

Hey guy’s,
I’m sorry to post this here but it’s the thread that popped up.
Does anyone know if John’s infrared course is being taught by someone else now?
There was a wealth of information in it.
Rest in Peace John.

PRESS RELEASE: Infraspection Institute’s Jim Seffrin Joins InterNACHI® - InterNACHI

I never knew John but I met Jim when I got my level 1 certification. Guy knows his stuff.

Thanks for the info Chuck.
Unfortunately, I didn’t ask the right question.
I took John’s course last year. but to complete the course and get my certification from him.
I had to send him a few Thermal Image’s .
I didn’t have an IR camera at that time. He said “no big deal, send them to me when you get a camera”
I now have an IR camera but I have no idea where to send the photo’s now, or if because of John’s passing…is there even a point to try and send them now?