RIP John McKenna

Don’t you think it would be more appropriate to address this elsewhere?

Chuck is absolutely correct. By asking such a question, you think RIP is accurate.

1: Email fast reply. Explain what transpired between yourself and John’s course.
Nick, Ben or one of the staff will look into the matter for you.

That’s why I apologized in the first place.
I couldn’t think of who the right person to ask would be.

Thanks for the “support”

Perhaps consider creating your own thread to pose your problem and seek assistance rather than injecting your issues into John’s memorial thread. There really isn’t very much John can do about your issue now. Show just a little bit of respect for the man’s passing…

I suggest that you go back and delete your posts here. I will be happy to do the same with my replies.

Amen…John. Godspeed.

Just found out about this.

He was too young.

RIP John.