RIP Walter Cronkite

And that’s the way it is.

Good riddance! He was the reason we lost in Vietnam.

Cronkite’s 1968 Dissent on Vietnam Helped Save Thousands of Lives](

Probably the reason I am able to post here today, I had a draft card in 1972, thankfully the insane war ended. Hopefully we can bring our boys home from Iraq & Afghanistan soon.

You mean they aren’t back yet?

What’s the hold up?

??? Why? Would you have died if the war effort had not been compromised by this liberal nitwit?

CBS was the only TV station in town in my early years.

I always watched Walter at every NASA launch.


Yes, please share with us all of your RWNJ positive effects that war provides, please use the back of the paper if you need more room. :roll:

WTF were doing in Vietnam again?

Winter Soldier Investigation

Please put this question in English? I don’t understand Burkestani.

Burkestani s a very easy language to learn though it does involve a lot of unpleasant regurgitation.

Once you learn to say “It’s GWs fault” and “Clinton Surplus” you have about 80% of it down pat.

nope not here Ether BTW RIP . Walter was a good man

he was a rank Socialist but I used to like “You Were There”

Michael, you also tolerate me too .lol and if it brings back memories i can say
And that’s the way it is.

WTF kind of mouthpiece are you? I suggest that you read between the lines then. :mrgreen: