Rippley's Believe it or not

I passed up the climb on this roof last week no continuous valley and my gut was warning me and when it warns I pay attention.

Unlike the drop down this morning which gave no warning someone had driven a small nail into the end of the step to make it look good, it held on the way up but coming down gave way and I created scratch marks on the ceiling. I now have 8 lives remaining;-)

I almost never trust those pull down stairs.

I put my ladder up and use that.

Glad you weren’t hurt.

Yep !

Glad that you’re okay Charley. Stay safe and keep trusting your gut feeling. I’m praying for you.

I hate it when that happens…

The gut is a good thing to pay attention to…glad you’re okay. :slight_smile:

Did you gain weight Charley? :wink:

Glad you’re ok buddy. I hate those cheesy access ladders.

Yes I did I quit smoking and put on the weight up to 132 now :twisted: I wish tipping the scale now at 174 now…you still puffing

Stopped 2 years ago this month Charley. I was 168 and now 178, so working on losing a few pounds hopefully.

Nice decision not to walk that one Buddy, and be careful. :slight_smile:

Good call Charley, I would have passed on that one too.

I always follow my gut feeling, but it seems to go off more often the older I get.