Risen from the dead

10/22/08 Nick Gromiko

*Another inspection association call it quits. *
The Housing Inspection Foundation (HIF), of which I am a member, has closed its doors.

*Here is a PIC from 2006: *http://www.nachi.org/hif2006.htm](http://www.nachi.org/hif2006.htm)

An interesting and varied industry…never know what you’ll find!!!


Has 869 currently listed members…last newsletter- Fall 2010

I think Bill Merrell tried to revive them for a while.

So, what’s your point Brian? Should we join that organization most have never heard of and pay $10-65 each for the list of 15 or so educational materials they have?

I think I remember when we (NACHI) had 869 Members…
Think that was the same year
ASHI was predicting our Demise
and Inability
to ever grow
beyond 1000…

I see what NACHI has done for this Industry.
I see what the NACHI members have done for each other .
I have been a member of about 6 Associations and see how liitle most do NACHI is the one for me .

I think joining NACHI was the best thing I could have done. With all the education I have gotten from the web site and all of the other members have made me a better inspector. Nick and company still rock!!!