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Roy,last time I checked,this is still a free country,I will advertise,as will others any way they would like.
You have no control over this,thank the Lord for small mercies

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3]Rules are meant to be followed If a person does not like the rules then they Can do as I and many others have done when we left OAHI . I was not satisfied so I moved on .
The rules of any association are to be followed .
I think it was just an over site on Robs part that has been corrected.
The law says I must not use my cell phone when driving so I do not use my cell phone .



When one joins any association you agree to uphold it rules. You should know that.

Further you have a very short selective memory. OAHI selectively and purposely went after those members who dared use and advertised CHI because was associated with Nachi.

Really Harry you need to brush up and remember your history, not ignore it.

Wand Raymond,many inspectors belong to many other associations, the last time I checked,it still is a free country,and people can belong to what ever they wish.
Also last time I checked,I was still ombudsman for the OAHI,the truth is you really do not know much about facts,but like to bring up the same BS,time after time
As your buddy would say,what have you done lately,not a damn thing,except whine and ***** on every site you have access to.
Why not try to organize a meeting of all the various groups,to see if there might be some common ground,you would not do this ,as this would not suit your agenda
Ps,if you will provide me with documented info,I will look into it for you,as I have done in the past
In the mean time stop your belly aching

Harry both you and I have gathered much information over the years .
The big difference between us is I try to share my knowledge with others ,It is unfortunate you do not do the same thing.
For you to come to the NACHI site and try to run down NACHI and its members does no good and helps no one .
Rules are for every one ,to ignore proper methods just tends to show all how silly a person is .
You insulting us in our home is not nice ,Can you please tell my why you feel it is necessary to do this.

Dear Harry

You wrote the following on the OAHI Knowledge Cafe

10/17/2010 7:36:37 PM

National Certification Program is alive again !!!]( **
Kirk.Iredale** wrote:

This is good the Ombudsman stating he can’t help!

Now Harry weren’t you also President of OAHI when the Treasurer absconded with $60K of the associations money right from under your nose?

Ask Rob Parker about persecution. OAHI went after him too for using CHI, ditto, David Cook, Bob Francis to name a few, as well as me…

What have I done Harry?

I help Nick bring Nachi into Canada
I was DPPC chair of OAHI
I helped over the years with OAHI seminars
OAHI Presidents Award - For Risk Management Task Force April 2004

               OAHI Business Advisory Committee

Currently I am a proud member of ACHI and fully support its mandate.

I would love to have you look into my appeal which was a farce (witness and tape recorded), but I know you have no power and OAHI only pays you lip service as Ombudsman. And we all know why OAHI has not come after me for using RHI.

I think you and your remaining friends need to organize a rebellion and stand up and be counted for once.

And you need to call for a forensic audit of the OAHI books. No hold barred.

The fact also Harry, OAHI is and does practice discriminatory practices. Just ask you business partner Claude Lawrenson, or Bill Mullen and the Southwest meeting group, or even ask Cam Allen and the Kingston boys about how OAHI plays ball.

Sorry for being truthful Harry, but did you really expect to get off lightly?

Well I will not be writing for awhile almost lost three fingers on my right hand yesturday while working in my shop. Have to see a plastic surgeon on monday to see what the damage is. Cant do inspections either as I am right hand and there is no way I could handle a latter. Typing left handed sucks

Sorry to here this Rob . I too removed one Finger damaged another and did my heal when I dropped the saw two years ago.
I said to the doc How stupid I was .
He said you are active and doing things How many people your age are still doing things. Slowed me down for a while .
, hope you get well soon … Roy

What makes me mad is one of them is trigger finger and i was to be shooting in a trap turney this weekend. No one to blame but myself for this one.

Rob, if you need any help give us a call, Kevin or i would be glad to help. Chuck.

Thanks Chuck will keep that in mined. Did have one for today, I booked it about 5 minutes before I chewed up my fingers. My wife called them back and told them I would have to cancell and the reason why, hope they got another inspector as they were a referall from a past client.

Rob…take it easy and heal properly. Don’t rush the process. After 30 years of using a saw, I’m glad to say I still have all my fingers. Came close to losing a knee back in '81 when a saw bucked into it, but thankfull, everything works fine. Wish I could say I’ve had the same luck with nailers LOL

I have been doing woodworking for over 30 years and this is the first major accident. I was using router with one of those large raised panel bits installed when everything went south.

I’m not sure what it is about routers that disturbs me, but I don’t use them. I farm any router work out. My ex bought me a dual router fo xmas one year, but I never used it, kept it in the shop for a couple years then gave it away.

Right at the moment thinking of selling all the tools down there.

Heal first, then decide

Rob,good advise,heal first,then decide,as we all know,we must treat all tools with great respect,all the best
Get well soon