Robert Smith has $100 logos?

A logo for $100?..are you kidding me? That is CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP…Robert it is so damn cheap I want my Logo to have its own logo…

:mrgreen: Russ you need to close your Inspection business…seriously you need to close shop and open up a marketing firm.
I think I pissed my pants i laughed so hard…
Hey Beevis, look at my drip loop!

Sean you have awesome equipment, high tech gadgets and that crappy logo. Spend a freakin $100 and get something that matches your high tech quality. A flashlight on a barn doesn’t cut it…

Robert is cheap but this is even cheaper …

WOW Thanks Billy.

Yes Robert, there are so many here that type without thinking. :roll:

Yeah, thanks Billy!:stuck_out_tongue:

Is it just me or does it look like you “borrowed” the idea for you new header from an example that I had made for you a short while ago?

Sorry robert, as much as you would like to think that, I had that idea long ago, and have made up copies of it in the past. Thats why it did not get me excited. I think your work is fine, but please don’t try going there. Using a city background is a fairly common idea, and its been used before.

Sure and they always use the exact same background. :roll:

SO thats why when I google city of knoxville, and go to the photos its the third one, which is where I obtained mine.

Robert, i am not going to give you or anyone else my money for something i can spank out in 10 minutes at home. If your going to get my money, it better be something more than you just taking a pic from the web and overlaying some text on it.

I never asked you for money and if I recall right all I said was "(" and well I guess you did just that.