Robust views on issue of home inspectors

In todays Vancouver Sun (Friday November 24) on page A3 was Vaughn Palmer’s column titled: Solicitor-general has rather robust views on issue of home inspectors.

Here are some quotes from the article…

“Specifically he (the S-G) sees no need to guard homebuyers against incompetent, negligent and bogus home inspections.”

“The interesting thing when it comes to these associations,” he replied, “they can’t agree among themselves what the standards of practice should be.”

And here is the most interesting bit…

"As to how strongly Les holds to his views, this would be a good time to revisit the contents of a letter that surfaced in question period.

It was addressed to the premier and the leader of the opposition. Sent by Bill Sutherland, president of CAHPI which has been fighting for years to persuade government to help establish standards for home inspections.

Bill said, “Minister Les told me that… the association was overreacting and that if we ever wrote to the premier again he would drop the issue of consumer protection for BC homebuyers.”

The mere fact of the letter is extraordinary. Industry associations lobby government all the time. They sometimes brief the opposition as well.

But to write openly to the premier, denouncing one of his ministers, and simultaneously include the leader of the opposition in the correspondence – well Sutherland must have figured he had nothing left to lose."