Rochester, block walls, basement leaks in this area

At this point in time the homeowner says he only gets some water in this area hence, gave him an estimate and just did the waterproofing…in this-area. He may, he could leak in the future in OTHER areas because a) the exterior walls were not waterproofed when built b) if one eyeballs the videos then they’ll see that there are OTHER joints/cracks/exterior openings in the block walls where water can easily enter… got that? Got milk?

Up close view of some of the exterior openings in the block walls that allow water to enter duh basement and NO interior basement drainage system and sump pump repairs/waterproofs any of these exterior openings, got that? The exterior of the block wall was NOT parged, sheesh… really? Good call buttbrains. Main reason the basement apparently does not leak more or, more often is because the builder backfilled with all sand.

The SELLER kept adding, building up asphalt on the exterior, against the house… did THAT fix/waterproof the actual problems, the existing defects? Nope.

Did not get a video of the inside of block wall(s) but Bubba can tell you there is some efflorescence and discolorment on quite a few on the interior blocks/wall, got that? Gee, I wonder why.

Thank you Mike for the ‘ref’, much appreciated!