Rock Roof ... Need Help

Anybody seen this type of construction on a roof.
I’ve seen small rocks …( pea gravel ) …
This one has alot of larger rocks.

Waiting for a picture.

Stones on a Ballasted Roof System come in many sizes.

Exactly, Stephen!

But, a picture would help… :smile:

I’m am too Busy !!!
I will see if I can add it from cell phone

No problem, David. When and if you can get to it, it is helpful to see. :smile:

I don’t see any problem with that, David. With that slope, smaller stones may get blown around or off…JMHO.

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I agree with Master Larry!

that 's a real charmer …

Ok I’ll bite. Why would you put gravel ballast on a pitched roof.

Thank you Larry !

Might be Inverted BUR system. Typically/Usually ballast is 3/4".
Inverted roofs. 4 to 5 Plies saturated felt, rigid foam board and ballast. Ballast can be any type of stone. Remember through. The rounder smoother the shape, the higher the possibility of moving downstream with rain or wind events. The gravel stopper flashing should be as high at the aggregate.

Morning, Larry. Hope this post finds you well.
As A licensed roofer back in the day, typically 1/4" inch gravel is used on low slope roof decks.
Gravel stopper flashing impeded aggregate from being displaced. During heavy rains columns of water can displace aggregate but typically gutters are hung at the eave and catch displaced aggregate. Displaced aggregate can be easy collected and rebroadcast back onto the roof.

That roof ‘may require gutters.’

You’re welcome David! :smile:

Looks kinda like a grey concrete tile roof after a big hailstorm came through. :laughing: