ROI on Energy Efficient Remodeling

Can anyone point me towards any web based info on the approximate return on investment on doing different energy efficient remodel cures? Like: Windows, Insulating Walls, Ceilings, Floors with different products compared (Fiberglass, Foam, Cellulose), etc…

I’d like to offer to my customers some sort of guideline of what kind of payback and efficiency improvements they should expect with each piecemeal part of the suggested improvement.


There are loads of information and online calculators on the Department of Energy’s website. Way too much to start listing links. Go there and browse around thier site. Plenty of PDF downloads too that you can send to you clients.

Keep in mind that every house is different and ventilation plays a huge role in what should be done. For instance, if you live in the NE like I do and you replace all the windows and doors without have adequate ventilation you could very well end up with ice dams on the roof.

I just did a thermal heat loss survey and that is exactly what happened to this home. So much water came in it ruined the ceilings, walls and flooring. It is probably best if you refer your clients to a qualified energy auditor who will determine what should be done.

RESNET has a program that does an Improvement Analysis report.
It would cover all the items you asked about. I will know more after I take the class.