Rolled Asphalt FBC?

Speaking with regards to wind mitigation credits: is Rolled Asphalt considered FBC if permitted and installed 4-28-2006?

Previous training stated that any roof covering permitted on or after 3-1-2002 was FBC, now several insurance companies are saying that only applies to Shingle or Metal roof coverings?

This is for a Citizens policy.

Thanks for any direction.


Just call it out as either unknown or does not meet and submit an FBC equivelant letter such as provided by Bill York or Dr UZ, Citizens will honor the letter and apply the FBC credit

Rolled roofing, whether hot mopped, torch down, or self adhered is used on flat roofs almost 100% of the time. Do you have a building that is using it on a roof with a slope greater than 2:12?

See “wind mit roof question” blog in this forum. It may help you with your question and will have copy of sample letter from Jose Uz, PHD to use in your reports regarding such. Good Luck !