Rolling Stones Mick Jagger says home inspectors should offer ancilary services.

Well, he didn’t say exactly that. He said that the Stones make no money as musicians on tour. Nothing. Zip. A gig is only an opportunity to sell T-shirts. He says he’s in the T-shirt business.

My favorite Jagger quote…

“She blew my nose and then she blew my mind.”

You and Mick have something in common. You both sell t-shirts.

And McDonald’s is in the Real Estate Business

A great market for the lowballer to sell his McHome Inspection.

Point being, if you figure that you’ve already spent the marketing money to get the home inspection, and you’ve already spent the travel money to get to the inspection, you might as well offer ancillary services.

Like T-shirt sales at a Stones concert, it’s mostly profit at that point.

What I think the HI market lacks is the ability to earn residual income… ideas there?

That was before the $300.00 tickets.

There has been some talk about maintenance inspections.

Here are some thoughts that ive had of the subject.

An annual inspection to identify maintenance issues of the property.
Keep a file on the property that has information such as.
Install dates and service dates of all major appliances.
Documentation, permits and dates of all repairs made to the property.
If the property is sold this can be used to add to the sellers disclosure.

You could offer to schedule all routine maintenance for the homeowner.
Annual heating and air checks
Annual drain cleaning
Seasonal gutter cleaning

Basically set the property up on a maintenance schedule that you are in charge of.
Take the annual cost and break it down to monthly payment options for the home owner.

Of course you would need to take into consideration of any legal issues, Sub contractor requirements, warranty issues. ect.

Annual inspections. Always be working your past-client database. If you can’t sell them on an annual inspection the marketing at least might get you some word of mouth business and keeps them primed should they move.

I’m not saying waste money on them by mailing them something every month, but at least once a year.