Romex Connector

I found these romex connectors in an attic today. This is the first time I have ever seen these. This home is about 9 years old. Any info would be helpful


Modular home?

Those connectors are to connect the parts of a modular home. They are manufactured by Molex and Tyco Electronics. They’re perfectly legal, but visually inspect them well. The cover is clear, and I’ve found more than my fair share of them that are in the process of burning up. Give them a good eyeball as you come across them. The connectors “stab” the romex, so we all know how that goes.

Thanks for the info on this. This explains the strange truss set up in the attic. You guys are great! Ken

These type of connectors are found mostly in modular type homes.

They are not restricted to modular homes, they are permitted to be installed whereever NM is permitted, with some restrictions.
Take a close look at 334.40(B) of the NEC.

As more and more installers learn of the permitted uses of these items, I see more installed.