Romney tells homeowners to .... walk.

A few days ago, Mitt Romney was at a forum in Florida talking about foreclosures, and said that if you can’t pay your debts and your lending institution won’t work with you… walk away.

This is exactly what I advised folks years ago on this very forum. Some InterNACHI members disagreed.

Here is Romney’s quote:

Do what you got to do to survive.

That’s not how I read Romney’s quote.

Romney is saying, let the banks that have acted stupid fail.

That is supposed to be what happens in a free market.

Bankruptcy clears the system and allows for real growth.

Correct. And that is why the Occupy Wall Street crowd is dead on, only they mistakenly call it “capitalism.” The Occupy Wall Street folks are actually protesting against “crony capitalism” which takes money from many profitable small business people by force and gives it to a few dumb business people who have run their businesses into the ground. Pure capitalism doesn’t have bailouts.

OWS is mostly confused Nick.

So you have a better idea or are people that protest injustice simply dirty hippies ?

Yeah ,yeah,I know just vote Republican. LOL

Yep, jail the crooked banksters and cut entitlements now.

But that would be opposite of the great Bush solution to bail them out.
You are for giant corporations controlling our lives are you not?

Seems they are right now, and grabbing more every day with small business simply being regulated and sued to death.

Look how the corporate run government sent a message to all us dirty hippy types by shutting down the pirate filled mega upload site and extending their power to other lands **just to show us who is really in charge.
In this case it is the entertainment industry and that includes the media which donates money to and therefore controls government and we are all powerless to do a damn thing about it.

Enjoy your pretend Democracy while you can.

None the less, that is what must happen bob.

Kevin switching to Swedish meatballs certainly makes me feel better.:slight_smile:
We are supposed to feel good over minor changes as Rome burns .

Does airport security like we have here make us secure or simply tell us we are nobody and need to shut up or risk being arrested ?

A bit more secure but at the cost of more freedom. I can equate it to driving. If I want to drive 110 MPH, I’m going to pay a huge fine and maybe loose my driving privileges. It’s the law that the Government put in place to protect us from ourselves & others.

Unfortunately, it’s the reality of the world we live in today.

On the other hand I think the TSA should refine their techniques, I really don’t think well known Senators or Grandma needs a pat down or to remove their shoes. It’s PC run amok.

The European Union decided our kind of security interferes with regular peoples rights and decided it was not worth it.
That should tell you everything.

Terrorists are smart enough to simply bomb a shopping mall next time so if that happens will you also figure body cavity searches of your 6 year old daughter are worth it everytime she goes with you to shop at Target ?

IMO we should use EL AL as a template for airline security.

no body makes money on wall street without insider information. when news is released- its already too late.

Robert, that is why government does not want to accept change. Corporations give the info to their lobbyists, who then negotiate that information to lawmakers, to make laws that the corporations want, all before anyone knows about it. Pelosi has dirt on Gingrich. I bet is also the other way around. IMO, their all crooks, just legally, by the laws themselves that they vote on. Call it part of the crony capitalism.

Same happens in states that promote home inspection licensing; just on a much smaller scale. What works in DC, can work at state levels.

They do it because they can.

The party is over…America no longer has the economic dominance it has enjoyed since world war 2
that provided us with super amounts of money…WE cant afford Corporate welfare, Military spending, and Entitlements at the current levels…We cant just balance the budget on the backs of the middle class and low income. The wealthy must sacrifice also…The Party is over.
Everyone has to start living a new reality…The economic dominance is gone…


Talked to a friend last night. He told me that no matter who or what, government is too large to change. One person can no longer handle it. He/she must depend upon others to inform and make changes, and pay or not pay the bills. I guess it is like someone winning the lottery, and having to hire others to take care of the money. You may be in control, but it is such a huge responsiblity, that you can no longer do it yourself.

So, you hire your buddies, and they “take care of it for you”. Tracking the money that has currently been spend is impossible to track. We all must be smart in all of our decisions.