Romney won that one.

That’s my call.

It was an unfair playing field for Obama.



Prior to tonite… I thought his chances were so-so at best. Additional performances like this one may change a few minds.

It really wasn’t a fair debate for Obama, which is why he lost.

Obama held back way to much trying to be presidential with a poll lead or his anniversary was on his mind.
Did not even mention the 47 percent comment.
Watch this change next debate.

It was like putting Mike Tyson in a ring with my sister. A totally unfair fight.

The topic of the debate was about 80% economy. Now given that it was essentially a debate on economics… here is what you had in the ring: On one side you have one of the most successful businessmen in the world. On the other side you have a guy who has yet to open his first lemonade stand.

Obama had no chance of winning.

Yes a businessman who is good at making the rich richer which is normally accomplished by screwing someone else.
How many lemonade stands did Regan run?
I can think of many successful business men that have no idea how to run a government and corporate Raiders are in that group.
Massachusetts was ranked 47th in job creation under your guy by the way if I can assume he is your hero.

Oh I think Reagan had a couple jobs that might have helped him run the world’s largest economy… like maybe being Governor of the world’s 4th largest economy, just to name one.

Uh, no. You get rich by providing products and services that people want… by helping your clients… and by employing people.

If you wanted to screw people, especially the poor and those on fixed incomes… you’d covertly tax them by reducing the purchasing power of their fiat money by printing more of it… and we all know who is screwing people with that scheme.

I actually like that we have a black President, I think it’s cool and am pleased that everyone has to now shut up about racism. That’s why I voted for him.

Furthermore, I think Obama did a pretty good job with the economy for a guy who never had a job. I mean… he didn’t put us into another Great Depression. Close, but not quite.

However, with the challenge of righting the economy being so important to us all, I don’t think the choice for the next 4 years is very difficult. As I said, on one side you have one of the most successful businessmen in the world, and on the other side you have a guy who has yet to operate his first lemonade stand.

Either way Obama has this one too. The day of the old white man with grey hair in office is gone forever.

There is another reason to vote for Obama. He’ll be in his last term (and can do what he wants). Romney, on the other hand, will be running for re-election immediately.

If Obama gets reelected, perhaps he can close down that shameful, P.O.W. camp (Gitmo) that keeps prisoners of war in captivity forever.

I’m O.K. with either guy winning because I don’t think either matters relative to Bernanke’s currency-destroying printing press.

Agree, see I am reasonable.

I take President Obama at his word…

enough said…

In regards to your other comments you mentioned Regan being Governor as good business experience but refuse Obama credit for running the USA with no major disasters, catching Bin Laden and being bold (guts) to be creative (Obama care) agree or not.
Last for now many get rich takin care of clients but if their clients are exclusively rich stockholders they are not of my caste.
Yes I meant to use that last word.

Okay one more.
Ask, do you feel safe from attack? And would the other guys plan on adding trillions to the military budget udget be a good thing?

Syria launched an attack on Turkey today, a NATO Ally…
What is the President’s response?

maybe the Debate and scheduled Fund Raising events may delay response…
Let me look for the responsible YouTube video…

I say add all you can so I can answer yes to your first question.

Where were you 9/11?:roll:

Why would anyone wish to attack us with our peaceful history.

No, I don’t feel safe from attack. No, it would not be good to add trillions to the military budget.

The U.S. has gotten to a point financially where its debt is its greatest enemy. Greater than any enemy the military has to defend us from. You defeat that enemy by cutting spending… something neither candidate will do.