Ron Paul just won CPAC 2011 Presidential Straw Poll.

I’d vote for him.

Ron Paul wins presidential straw poll at CPAC

(CNN) – U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, on Saturday won a straw poll for president on the final day of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

He got 31 percent of the vote. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who won the straw poll the past three years, was second with 22 percent and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin with 7 percent…

And Glenn Beck’s speech was wonderful.

He sure has the Statue of Liberty all figured out. Who Knew? :mrgreen::roll:

Agree with Ron Paul in everything except his isolationist foriegn pollcy.

Just my opinion, but based on history.

Ron Paul was my favorite candidate.

I did not really want the huge spending ways of the Republican or the Democrat.

People have a mistaken belief that Republicans are not for taxes.

700 Billion to Banks,Large overblown Military budget to fight un needed wars,foreign aid to countries with Lobby groups,border defense,useless drug wars,etc or huge wasteful social programs with tons of pork.

Only Libertarians would actually cut the budget deficit.

I just read in todays editorial page this comment above and the following by Wes Benedict who is executive director of the libertarian party.

Ronald Regan often praised as the icon of conservatism signed massive spending bills that made his the biggest spending administration (as percentage of GDP) since world war 2.

Bravo Ron Paul a true American!

Actually, no. Obama’s deficit, as a percentage of GDP is the highest. Bushes was pretty much average.

See here:


Check out Saturdays Sun times editorial by the executive director for the Libertarian Party if you can get a copy.

Both party’s spend and love taxes.

Just depends on different priorities.

Glenn Beck’s speech was inspiring even to a non-American. And he didn’t cry!! :smiley:

Non-intervention isn’t the same as isolation.

Glen Beck is an idiot, but even if he gets it half right-he’s doing better than most of his peers.

I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul, the Presidency has ruined every good man who has ever held the office.
I don’t wish it on anyone…

Unless you add the cost of the non inclusive wars. Who paid for them?

Beck left me with my mouth open.

I watch him every chance I get (and I don’t follow politics), but he outdid himself on this one!

One thing you have to respect about Ron Paul is his consistent positions. And he always has a pleasant and respectful manner with those he disagrees.

But I doubt most folks are really ready for his pure form of libertarianism. They like the fiscal conservatism but aren’t so pleased when they discover all the social issues that libertarians feel should be left to the individual.

Well that’s a bit disingenuous. Since he was handed 1.1 Trillion by the frat boy with the credit card. And a government grown 30% larger then 8 years before.

frat boy kept his official deficit down by doing a lot of his war spending off the books. Got to love those supplementals.When Obama took office he started bringing those expenses on the books where they should have been all along. Which sends his numbers even higher. So while his deficit as a percentage of GDP may be correct there’s a lot more to it then spending.

When President Barack Obama took office his choice was the same one facing FDR. He could cut spending to match revenue and drive the economy deeper into recession or even depression. Essentially pleasing the rich while letting the regular folks get by the best they could. (like your boy Hoover) Or he could spend money to try and keep the economy turning (and people eating) while the business cycle ran its course. I believe he made the correct choice as the consequences of a likely 20% unemployment rate (or higher) are horrendous to contemplate.

The real test is what happens when the economy (and revenues) start to recover. At that point government should start reducing debt and spending to improve it’s balance sheet and be positioned to deal with the next crisis. (which always comes). Of course having the legislative commission recently proposed by the Democrats to address our fiscal problems (defeated by the republicans) would have been an excellent vehicle to do that on a reasonable time table. To bad the republicans still can’t understand what it means to govern.

And will it still be Bushes fault in the out years Don?

Projected Obama deficits