Roof 3-4 yrs, corners raised

The roof is 3-4 years old.
When looking from various angles, shingle installation lines can be seen. The corners of the shingle appear to be raised slightly as the rows travel up the roof.

Would you state something about this? Could it be considered a defect?

Maybe the bundles were not stacked flat, but it looks like they would have laid down over time, especially in the heat we have been having.

Attic ventilation appears adequate with 3 gable vents for 1500 s/f. Small amount of soffit venting is pretty well blocked with insulation.

Pic 3 is a view of shingles, no problems





That looks like a possible shingle defect, almost like the strip does not extend the length of the shingle. Did you try an lift one up to see. You can always have your client call the manufacturer and they will send out a rep to inspect the shingles. I would definetly make note of it, especially down here in a windborne debris region.

They were stuck well, would not move.
hmmmm ?


Blocked soffits will become a problem if not corrected. Multiple roof vents are totally useless without adequate air intake.