Roof access from rooftop deck

Picture tile is rotated but blowing the picture up rotates it upright.

Hello everyone

I have a new construction inspection here in Nashville with a rooftop deck of this three story home. I have a great concern over the fact that the roof sloping over the deck access door is accessible from the deck. I have little ones of my own and could see this as a fun obstacle for them. It is obvious that a railing was initially in place to block the roof, however, speaking with the builder, he stated the codes inspector said it was not required as the wall provided the proper height, not requiring a railing as this other building does.

Is there a specific code restricting roof access??

In some jurisdictions the climbable railing would not be allowed, would be good to check on that.
And it doesn’t really matter what anyone else said, it’s up to you to make recommendations on safety concerns as you see fit.

I have had builders swear they were right only to have them proved wrong. Couple of comments.

First, your not doing a code inspection. Write it up as a safety hazard especially for small children

Second, No matter the wall the railing is still climbable and in my area horizontal bars are not allowed. May check your area.

Third, the sloped roof IS a child safety hazard no matter what codes. Recommend a barrier be constructed to protect children.

Hope this helps.