roof coated with PermaKote

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sprayed on the roof. The owner (very elderly) claimed that this stops the sand from coming off the shingle and was real defensive when I asked why and how long ago this was done. The roof is original (1987) and the house is located 2 blocks from the ocean in SUNNY & HOT St. Augustine, Florida.

My experience (conversations with roofing people) with these coatings are that they are merely a Band-Aid to extend the life of the roof and prevents the roof from breathing.

The roof is now a whitish color (used to be brown).

I would appreciate any thoughts or input on this topic.

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considered a “band-aid.”

It will increase the fire rating of materials such as wood shake or shingles to a class "A" rating (so they claim), and extend the life of failing materials "if applied per the manufactures specifications" (take that for what it's worth).

The issue with the roofers I've talked to is that it makes it much more difficult to remove the original material when it comes time to re-roof (except where it's used on "built-up" roof systems).

So it saves money in the short run but increases labor costs in the long run. ![icon_confused.gif](upload://qv5zppiN69qCk2Y6JzaFYhrff8S.gif)

FYI (I guess)

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with the intention of temporarily extending the life of a roof. There are usually other indications of deterioration as these coatings are generally applied after a leak has occurred. At least that has been my experience.

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There are a few “Permakote” products, including the one Joe mentioned. Maybe it’s one of these:

Also looks like a band-aid to me.

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This is the way I look at these products, and similar products.

First, the Permakote application was applied because the underlying roof either failed or was failing.

Now, several things must happen.

Second, the Permakote must be approved as a roofing system (when used as a water proof barrier, not if just "painting" it a different color) and a re-cover roofing permit must be obtained. That is because this is serving as a re-cover.

Then, the manufacturers installation instructions must be followed, this includes any requirements for cleaning, filling gaps in the underlying roofing, priming, etc. (I'd have to read the instructions on this specific product to list everything, the above is based on other similar products used down here).

Now, we need to refer to back this: The underlying roof was failing (or had already failed) and was (still is) in need of replacement.

Finally, would you want to buy a house with a roof coated with Permakote instead of having been re-roofed?

If the answer is 'Yeah, that'd be okay with me, no need to re-roof.' then advise your client of that, heck, they may even sell this house to you.

If the answer is 'No way would I want to buy a house with a failed roof, even if it has been coated with Permakote, unless the roof was replaced or I got compensated for the roof.', then, well, advise your client that same thing.

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