Roof Covering Technical Bulletin

Does anyone have a copy of the Technical Bulletin from the MSFH program or any type of training that addresses the date requirement (March 1st 2002) for the roof covering credit?

I recently completed a wind mitigation inspection where the homeowner did not have any documentation and the local building department had no record of permit for the re-roof. On the mitigation form I marked the roof to be installed in 2005 - Estimated but selected “Unknown or Undetermined” for the roof covering selection.

I just had a half hour conversation about why that selection was made with respects to the form. Because the date of install cannot be verified, I cannot indicate that the roof is eligible for that credit.

I would like to be able to provide this agent with something more tangible than our conversation. So if anyone has a copy or link to where I can give this individual something in writing I would appreciate that.

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The way I handle that is that I put the year of installation with (est. 2005) and mark “B” - Does not meet the minimum requirements" When questioned I merely state that the roof covering has many requirements that cannot be seen after installation (such as the underlayment application) and without a final permit I cannot state that it does meet the code requirements.

It seems, through working with agents making entries into the system - it actually comes out with a higher premium if you indicate that it is unknown or undetermined.

Did they the AHJ suspend permitting, fees or inspections during the period when the roof was supposed or apparently installed? In many cases in my area of Fl. the records were inadequately recorded and lost. I have found homes that municipalities had no record of reroofing that had actual permits and reciepts from established legitimate roofing firms that always pulled permits. In the end it should be the obligation of the owner to provide this info if we can’t confirm it by conventional means. I like to be a nice guy too but it is thier problem.

I have had AHJ tell me no permit was filed, only to find it in the home or have the owner provide the original.

the date is on the form under #1. You can have her call me if you like as I support your selection- 954-573-5461. I conscider myself an expert on the subject

You may have confused the issue by providing an install date (2005) and and selecting unkown/undetermined as your answer for question 2. I would not normally provide a permit application date or an install date if I select unknown as my answer. Instead, I would typically provide a written explaination for selecting unknown along with my report and pictures.

The March 2002 date is the date that the 2001 Florida Building code went into effect. Anything that had either a permit application date or an installation date prior to March 2002 was ruled by the earlier local building code that was in effect at the time. I’m assuming we are not talking about Miami/Dare & Broward.

Thanks Everyone for the feedback. I’m still searching for anything in writing that I may be able to present should the issue come up in the future.

Dennis- I apssed your info along to the agent but I do not think he will call. I appreciate the offering of your assistance.

Thanks once again. This is a great community.


I assume you’ve completed a wind mitigation class, simply provide an excerpt from the training package.

Estimating the roof age is probably what caused the confusion.