Roof damage quiz

Does anyone care to guess what caused this damage to the shingles? I know what happened. I gave a little hint with the 3rd photo.

Pressure washer

The damage was caused by acorns falling from the huge oak tree next to the home.


If an acorn dropping 10-20 feet or more caused that damage, the shingles were ‘toast’ a long time ago, or they are lead filled!!! Damned squirrels!!!

Curious how you determined the acorns are causing the problem.

I’ve seen many houses under trees and nothing like that that I could attribute to the trees.

I don’t believe it…shake the tree to see if it happens again

I agree with Jeff. If acorns caused that the shingles were already wasted. I hope you didn’t recommend to cut down the oak tree in the report.


This damage was only under the tree. No other damage like this anywhere else on the shingles. The acorns were dropping while I was doing the inspection. I would not like to get hit on the head with one. Roof was 13 years old. And yes I did recommend the tree be cut down, but not because of the acorns. The tree was old with large dead limbs over the house.

If not acorns, then what?

I agree, Bill. I’ve seen many older roofs look similar from moss damage.

There was large amounts of moss on the roof. But very little in this area.

Here are some more pixs of the roof.
Pix #1 and 2 I am standing in the middle of the roof. #1 is to the right # 2 id to the left. #3 along the ridge.

Was it pressure washed off ? Or is there a coconut tree close. LOL
Does it really matter ? The roof has reached its limits and needs to be replaced. Trim the tree to let the sun in.

Notice in pic #1, there is no moss growing on the roof under the zinc containing flashing at the vent pipe. Why haven’t shingle manufacturers clued into this a long time before they recently have. AR shingles should’ve been made decades ago…but why do that, it would improve shingle lfe…less $$$$$$ for the manufatcurers and their dealers.

When it comes to $$$$$$$…trust no one!!!

It is one of those Green roofs Guys , it just not finished lol

Awe you beat me to the Punch line…

LOL Kenneth thats because you have a life other using your spare time on here .

Before I look at the 3rd pic - My initial thought was a (chestnut) tree, but looking closer I think someone tried to “clean” the roof.

Pressure washer maybe?

Back to the pics and everyone’s answers…

Al (how’d I do?) in TN

Read the responses and I am stumped.

Did someone try to shovel snow off the roof? Falling icicles in winter from the tree nearby?


BTW - I had a nut tree do serious damage to my car’s trunk lid the first autumn I lived in my old house; cut that sucker down first thing the following Spring.

Al in TN