Roof Data Tech. Norwalk OH

I have finished the Roof Data Tech course over a month ago and have yet to receive an opportunity. How can I be sure my name is even on the Technician list. It seems to me that Ohio is one of the busiest states in this program and I have got nothing. Can other technicians in Ohio let me know how it is going for you.

I am invisible on the find a home inspector list because I am still studying. Does that make me invisible on the roof program also.

What does the roof data techs map say about your area? How many techs are there?

Well I made the meeting Ben held in Ohio and his map showed Ohio was lit up in orange very active. There were maybe 40 guys at the class and I don’t believe any of them were within a half hour of me. Is there a way I can see how many roof techs there are in my area?