Roof Data Tech Program & Marketing Events

Hi, everyone.

This thread is for everyone to share thoughts about the Roof Data program with Owens Corning Roofing and our marketing events we’re having around the country.

I’ve listed a few things that we present during the events:

Share your thoughts. We love feedback.

Great meeting, got a lot of good pointers for marketing and my websites. I plan to use the ideas to improve my web presents. I signed up and completed my necessary training for the Roof Data Tech. and have scheduled my first assignment for this afternoon.

I walked out of the training feeling excited about wanting to do the Roof Data Technician. There was also other great information about websites and ways to get past your competition such as the energy inspection which i will start implementing on my next inspection. Great Stuff! Thanks Ben

Rex, your box of goodies is on it’s way.

Great meeting!! Lots of valuable information and left meeting excited to get going on the new Roof Data Tech program.

Thanks for the great info Ben.

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You know it was a good meeting when no one wants to leave! The OC program is a great opportunity for inspectors. You presented a lot of excellent material. We should plan an all-day event for the Great Lakes chapter. Inspectors in the area don’t often have opportunities locally to get the kind of information you presented.

The location was an excellent choice. Maumee State Park is easy to get to from the Toledo, Cleveland and Columbus areas.

Simply awesome.! as usual. I’d really like to be more productive on this part of my inspection tasks. I know I need to improve my social media skills… besides my regular training.


I recently attended the meeting regarding the Roof Data Technician program. I had the pleasure of meeting Ben and taking advantage of all the useful information and advice that he offered. I am registered for the program and awaiting my first assignment. This is a great opportunity for inspectors to make some extra money and fill in gaps in schedules. I am excited about the program and looking forward to getting started.

Thanks again Ben.

Kristofer J. Pagliaro
Home Assessment Specialists, LLC

Thanks Ben,

The website information you provided will be put to good use. I am excited to start the roof technician inspections as well.

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attended your presentation in St louis ,missouri at the hilton was very impressed by the material presented, please keep me in mind if you need inspector in my area to do these type of inspections Robert Dohm, Superior Inspections

I want to thank Ben for having the recent roofing meeting in Toledo and it was a very good and informative meeting. Here in Ohio we have not had any chapter meetings in recent time and it was awesome to get to share ideas and talk to other inspectors about a lot of common issues we all have. The new contacts that I met with that night I have had more emails and shared information more times with now. All information is helpful to the success of all of our businesses and all InterNACHI members can feed on each other and help each other out. I thought it was a excellent meeting and look forward to meeting some of my new contacts in the future.

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Ben, I thought the seminar was a great success, from the number of attendees to the amount of time spent talking about the various topics. I spent the next day going through the training and testing needed to be certified as a Roof Data Technician and I received my first job opportunity this morning. I am very impressed with the entire program and look forward to many more live seminars and on-line seminars as well.

Roofing event in Chicago was an awesome event . I appreciated the fact that ben had encouraged all the attendees to participate in the local chapter meetings. Roofing inspection was valuable information to which I am looking into doing. It is great that InterNACHI is promoating and putting value on the home inspector. I also appreciated the aspect that Ben promoted the value of our membership and all that it has to offer.

I thought it was awesome. Good to see many people there. I think all of the material was well presented. I completed the online training and already received a job. On vacation, so had to pass.
This program will only make ALL of us better trusted to anyone we serve
Thanks to Ben for taking his time to help us better market our business .

I was impressed. No one was ready to leave the meeting and I really pick up fews good ideas.
I am changing my web page using Ben recommendations and I did sign for roof online training.
Thank you Ben and InterNACHi

Thanks, Stoimen. Here’s that example website I made in just a few hours using

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