Roof Data Tech Program & Marketing Events

I wanted to thank you for all of the information provided about the Roof Data Tech program, about InterNachi, marketing and the inspection business in general. You gave me a lot to think about. You spent several hours with us and it looked like you were prepared to go all night if necessary. I am so pumped for the inspection business now I cannot wait to up my marketing skills. I am also placing a rather big order for marketing materials. I will make Sherlock Home Inspection Agency the premier inspection company in the greater St. Louis Missouri area.

Otis A Harrison
President/CEO of Sherlock Homes Inspection Agency

Good to see you again, Ben. I don’t think I want to be replacing shingles myself- shoulders are bad and its not worth it to me. It looks like a good opportunity for those in better shape.
Thanks for your personal critique of my website. Some changes will be made there and I am working on branding- Mark Kollath

It was a 3 hour drive to Toledo, and another 3 hour drive back home. But, this seminar was well worth it. I had already achieved the Roof Data Technician certification, but simply spending time with Ben, and some of the other inspectors was invaluable. Ben’s tips on web site design were terrific. Best wishes to all.

Greg Leveille

Otis, Mark, and Gregory your box of goodies are on their way!

I felt the information was relevant. I like the idea of an additional revenue stream. Also allowed me network with other people

San Salvador Edwards, you box of goodies is on it’s way!

Roof Data Tech. Meeting and Marketing Meeting in Toledo

The Owens Corning Roofing meeting was a better understanding of how the program works. It has been a nice little addition to my business and that much more exposure is always great!

The best part of the meeting was the Marketing part which give me a whole new way to market my web page (even if it was close to what it needed to be). You can pick up on new ways and idea’s to be different than all the other web sites and inspectors. I will be throwing some new things to my web page soon. Ben does a great job on how to Market and Brand your business. All the information is provided and all you have to do is use it.

THANKS!! It was a very good meeting.

Dave Matheny
Footprints Property Inspections

I enjoyed the program and found it insightful and entertaining. Always a pleasure to meet the man in charge. The roof program is apparently not for me, but I can see value to younger inspectors trying to grow their business.

It was nice to have some fresh information. the OC program is a nice add on for my business.

Thank you

I am really sorry a prior engagement kept me from attending. I was so looking forward to the information I would receive.
Will there be another. Somewhere Toledo soon?

I attended the roof data seminar in chicago. I enjoyed the exchange of ideas some of which I will use in my business and to meet my fellow inspectors. The roof data program sounds like a good opportunity and plan on joining

A negative note: Driving on the dan ryan is a nightmare, If you could move a little south it would save hours of driving even just 10 miles. but other then that it was a very good seminar

Great location. Great seeing Ben G. in person and seeing his passion for our profession.

Clear Path Inspections

Hey Ben, glad to comment about the roofing and marketing event. The room was packed and with more than just inspectors from Houston, I met inspectors from San Antonio and East Texas too.
The roofing program sounds slick for filling in slow times. The marketing class was excellent and as always I am constantly impressed at InterNACHIs devotion to its members in this area. And always blown away at the amount of backup and help that is available from InterNACHI.
Regards Mike Cothran

Hi Ben! It was great meeting you at the Roof Data program in St Louis. I’ve been doing the roof data collections since early in the program and mainly went for the marketing and web site critique and hoped to help others who may have had concerns about getting into the roof data program. The Roof Data program has been great for me, filling in and extra money while getting more exposure for my company as well. I’m proud to be part of an organization willing to go the extra mile. Just wanted to say thanks for all you are doing. I still can’t believe how much you guys do to make us, your members successful, especially when compared to the “other” inspection association, who just seems to want my dues.
I left the meeting in St louis proud to be a member! Dan Burke

I really enjoyed the presentation, I found it very informative. Ben did a great job explaining everything with detail. I just enrolled in the OC program, I can’t wait to get started!

Ben you are a master at what you do. The meeting was very educational both as a roof data technician and as a home inspector. I have yet had a roof or a home inspection yet. Thanks to Ben and Kris Hermiller for talking to me after the meeting it helped with my confidence as a rookie as a Roof and Home Inspector.

Hi, Ben

It was great to meet you. Fully enjoyed roofing presentation. Even better was the 50 plus ways to leave the competition behind. Starting to implement some of those ideas.

HI Ben I attended the session in St. Louis, I thought it was a great meeting. I think the Owens Corning program will be a great add on for inspectors. I really like the marketing and website discussion, I got lots of good ideas, and will start revamping my website this week. Thanks again Jeff Smith Mid State Inspection Services LLC

Enjoyed roof tech and marketing presentation in Eugene, it was good to actually meet a Gromiko and learn more about internachi and what they have to offer. I plan to complete the roof training program as soon as I get a chance and give it a try. J. Heller

Dave, Stephen, Larry, Dennis, Eric, Danny, Michael, Dan, Oscar, Greg, Tim, Jeffrey, and Jeffry your box of goodies are on their way.
If you have a separate shipping address (other than the one InterNACHI already has) please post that as well so we can make sure you get your box of goodies!