Roof Data Tech Program & Marketing Events

I attended the Roof Data Technician presentation in Dallas Jun 3rd. I did not have any complaints about the actual roofing inspection event. I was surprised to find out that everything we learned there was also available on the web site or had to be completed on the website and the training was strictly information about the program. I canceled a trip because I felt like the monetary opportunity was more important at that moment.
I have been disappointed in the program because it has not yielded any job opportunities/monetary opportunities and because I could have taken the trip to the IR conference as planned and also taken advantage of the opportunity presented and had the same results to this point. I look forward to the opportunity to actually participate in the Roof Data Technician Program.

Ben, It was really a great evening- very informative and you have some very interesting insights into business development as well.

I appreciate your genuine enthusiasm for helping inspectors. No one could keep up the act that long… Sorry the wifi wasn’t so good at the venue-

I’m looking forward to having the roof data tech as another income stream too.


Hi, Ben,

I, too, walked out of the presentation excited to participate in the program! Your enthusiasm is genuinely infectious. I’m ready for my phone to ring more.

I took quite a few of the website pointers to heart, too. I’ve arranged to have a friend help in shooting photos of me at work and even to do a short introductory video to post on my website.

Thank you for taking the time to come all the way out to Oregon on July 3rd! I definitely recommend other inspectors take interest in the program, especially those of us that are just starting out. Let’s get those phones ringing!

Ben - Love your web site !!! I noticed on your page about the “buy it back program” - you stated "Please refer to our inspection agreement that states, “CLIENT understands that under the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” program…” - I am interested in exactly what did you add to your inspection agreement? I use the InterNachi online agreement and would like to add a clause to mine but not sure exactly how to word it. Appreciate any help with the wording… Thanks Ken

It’s was a pleasure meeting you. I pick up on a lot of good pointers on marketing, I plan on using some of those idea on marketing my business and looking forward in being Roof Data Tech.
Thanks !!

I enjoyed the event and waiting for my first data tech. job. the park was nice

Ben: Great time at the O/C Meeting. I wish all the meeting I have gone to would have been as inspirational and informative as the show you put on! Keep up the great work, John Brown!!


I believe the roof data tech program is a great way to increase business revenue. Thanks

Kenneth, Erich, Suzanne, Kenneth, Weldon, William, John, and Miguel your box of goodies are on their way!

Great meeting, Picked up a lot of great marketing tips, as well as more info on the Roof Data Tech program. In the process of signing up for that now.

Will be taking advantage of the free logo design next…

Recently attended the OC roofing seminar in Toledo, and I thought it was great. As usual Ben did a awesome job with the presentation and information given. Looking forward to the next one.

Received a box today. Even better, it wasn’t ticking!!! Thanks Inspector Outlet and everyone.

In Eugene, It was good to see the Roof Data program details and see/hear your basic marketing-driven ideas about website design.
I had to leave after two hours due to a prior engagement, but it appeared you were still going strong.
Sorry we didn’t get to meet in person. My business is getting going slowly along with some “Green” certification programs I’m involved with. I look forward to putting up a website and getting the Roof Data Tech certification going to produce additional revenue.
Thank You,
Tim Kaiser
Nitty Gritty Inspections, LLC

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Thank you for visiting Atlanta to promote the Roof Data Technician program. This was the first InterNACHI event that I have been able to attend since joining the organization.

You helped re-enforce a lot of good practices that are presented on the website, but might be a section inspectors have not gotten to yet. I especially liked the mention on the business plan section and the fee calculator. I also like how you make new programs like the roof technician program so intuitive based off of the main URL which is everyone’s starting point.

In the future might it be possible to have a stop in the program to exchange business cards with everyone there, or at least have everyone pass their cards around while you speak? While we are competition, it is friendly if we’re all at an InterNACHI event, right? It might be a good way to help get the chapter attendance up as well by putting faces with names within this InterNACHI sponsored setting.

Thanks again for traveling to see us!

Bob Mavretich

Jim, John, and Tim your box of goodies was sent.
You should receive them soon!

Thank-You for bringing the roof data event to Atlanta. Lots of good information and information that I will be using in the near future for many different things.
Myron Biggs:)

Hi Ben,

The seminar on 8/31/14 was very encouraging and informative. I really enjoyed the event. I have completed all of the necessary courses to be a part of the Owens Corning Roof Data Tech Program.

Hello Ben, just wanted to say thanks for coming down south to meet with us in Atlanta last Thursday. The info you passed on will be helpful to improve my website and I plan to put it to good use. All ready to go with the roof inspections, just waiting on the first one.
Hank Flowers

Bob, Myron, Charles, and Hank.
Your box of goodies are on their way!