Roof Data Technicians

Hi guys,
I was just assigned my first job for Roof Data Tech. I have called twice. Once in the evening and once in the morning. Left messages both times and have heard nothing back. Is this normal? What should my next step be?

Send a text also. Thats how I got someone after many attempts. Also, do their email if they provided one. I went about 3 weeks trying and reaching out to Jazmin. She got with OC and got them on the phone.

Ok, thanks David!

Welcome to our forum, David! :smile:

Greg, It’s been about a year since you started the Roof Data Technician program. I just started taking the course. It occurred to me that no one talks about this. How’s it working out for you?

Hi David. Thanks for asking. Overall I have had a good experience. I have had a couple of weird situations, but Jazmin has always been available to help me out.