Roof Deck Attachment

Need alittle help here

Home built 2010 Volusia County Florida, As i was doing my inspection, I was inspection the attic garage area first, I was looking for miss decking nails what i found was a spiral type nail, In the garage attic & 2nd floor attic, I have inspected home built 2005 to 2007 that had # 6 spiral nails, Do they make a # 8 spiral nail, Does it meet Florida Building Codes or Construction standards

My next question, As far as i know, Since 2009 8d shank nails are to be used for New Construction & Re roof. If not 2009 what year did it start.

Please help
Thank you
Mike Komatina

Yes, they make 8d spiral shank and still use them on new construction. The 2005 nails were also 8d, just a bit shorter than 2.5". This has been code since 1994. Only re-roof deck nailing is required to use 8d ring-shank nails, which started 10/01/2007.

I have another question when doing new home built 2009, 2015-The requirement for all of Florida use # 8d shank nails 2 1/2 inches-Thank you for the feed back and what year did it start.

Thank you