Roof deck Florida

Thoughts and opinions please. Roof age is 5 years

On what, specifically? What are your concerns, specifically?

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It looks like when they replaced the roofing 5 years ago. They also replaced some of the moldy roof sheathing, lack of ventilation, inadequate insulation.

Conditions that promote attic mold growth:

Poor ventilation
Excessive heat
High humidity – over 55%
Unaddressed roof leaks
Fans and ventilation that empty into the attic rather than outside


Nothing specific. I am interested in others comments about this picture to see If they would recommend anything on ventilation or insulation etc…

I think your question was answered.

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But why these pictures? What do you see that has you questioning that something may be an issue?

I see proper length nails used, and clips at the sheathing edges, details often done wrong.

And the roof may be 5 years old, but nothing says that any section of sheathing is that new, or how many generation of roofing there are.

I see lack of top plate caulking for drywall, and lack of insulation.

How does one control 55% humidity in a conventional attic when outdoor air is 95% humidity :thinking:

Jeeze, Simon…one puts in AC. :rofl: :kissing_heart: :wink:

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The intent is to keep the humidity inside under control so it doesn’t escape and compound the problem in the attic. Usually from leakage of ductwork, lack of insulation, etc…

Larry, since when do conventional attics have AC’es (not air-handler/duct work) in them?

I am glad you posed the question and is fair, I wonder about 5 year thing… That decking looks a lot older, The plywood towards the eaves should have been replaced, It looks damaged, up here in the great North I see this usually caused by Ice damns and wicking. Perhaps the roofer thought the sheet wasn’t worth replacing at that time, or the damage happened later (hopefully the roofer wasn’t taking a shortcut). I would draw a red arrow to it, and let the client know what you think if you review the report with them.

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Yes, I did hehe… I had one eye open and then ran out of the door…ops.