Roof decking/structure in standards?

I’m looking through the NACHI Standards of Practice, and I don’t see any reference to roof decking or roof structure. Am I missing it somehow? I do tend to inspect the underside of the roof decking and the roof structure (trusses, rafters) when I check the attic. But I don’t really see any reference to that.

Although quick to the point, E. should be what your looking for. The Texas SOP has more detail but gets to the same point.

2.1. Roof
I. The inspector shall inspect from ground level or eaves:
[INDENT]A. the roof covering;
B. the gutters;
C. the downspouts;
D. the vents, flashings, skylights, chimney and other roof
penetrations; and
E. the general structure of the roof from the readily accessible panels, doors or stairs.


Ok, Tom, that helps. Thanks! Now my next question is this: When I read 2E in the standards, it’s referring to the ground, or eaves, or accessible panels, etc. It doesn’t quite seem to mention the attic space, which is to me the best place to look at roof structure. I’m not trying to be picky, I’m just trying to understand all of what the standards have to say about the attic space.

You are not missing anything. It’s not in the NSoP. You should get a prize for catching this.

The roof structure and roof decking is an important inspection component.

The Texas state standards requires:

(g) Roof structure and attic. The inspector shall:

(1) report:
(A) the vantage point from which the attic space was inspected;
(B) the presence of and approximate average depth of attic insulation and thickness of vertical insulation, when visible; and
© evidence of water penetration; and

(2) report as Deficient:
(A)attic space that does not appear to be adequately ventilated;
(B)deficiencies in installed framing members and decking;
©deflections or depressions in the roof surface as related to the adverse
performance of the framing and the roof de
(D)missing insulation;
(E) deficiencies in attic access ladder and access opening; and
(F) deficiencies in attic ventilators.

I like what the TX standards say about this. Maybe a bit too much since there are so many attics where you just can’t see it all. But overall I like it. Thanks for the info!

2.3.D covers structural components but I agree, the word roof or attic needs to be added to the 2.3 heading. Maybe the problem is that some areas call attics crawlspaces. This is typically up north where they have basements instead of under floor crawlspaces.

2.3. Basement, Foundation & Crawlspace

I. The inspector shall inspect:

A. the basement;
B. the foundation;
C. the crawlspace;
D. the visible structural components;