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These are the two terminations to different valleys. i am interested in your thoughts on these.

10911 Isle Wynd Ct Boynton Beach(Davidowitz) 055.jpg

10911 Isle Wynd Ct Boynton Beach(Davidowitz) 052.jpg

Both appear wrong and force runoff under the tiles thus relying solely on the underlayment, if present, as the primary drainage plane.

Any expanded views may be more telling…of a roof design or tile layout flaw

Hi Bill,

both appear to offer a direct route for rain water to below the tile, not good :wink:



Don’t claim to be a roof expert but by reviewing your pics Gerry and Barry are right on the mark IMO. However I have no authority on this board yet until I hit 1000 inspections so until then you might want to go post these pics here…

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Even if I jumped on the ASHI bandwagon I wouldn’t carry the associate seal. :slight_smile: Proud to say I’m completely certified by NACHI! Now if I can just catch up to that 1000 inspection mark I can then display that pretty gold master seal :slight_smile:

Glad you like the site. I haven’t used it yet however I do tend to loose track of time reading post within thier forum alot.


Contractor Talk is a pretty good site, in my opinion, but I am biased, because I am one of the Moderators over their.

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Not too much of that tile work around here William, but man I hate to agree with those two guys.

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Having the underlyment exposed in a valley like that will likely result in pre-mature wear to the underlayment and potential leaking down the road.

The underlayment is subjected to concentrated water run-off since it is in a valley. Also, the underlayment may not be rated for UV exposure which just adds to the problem. just one manufacturers flashing details, most others are similar.

Good link Richard.


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