roof failure, Warranty?

Has anyone seen a failure like this, 2 year old roof, granule lose on bottom edges and delamination. Shingle manuf. unknown

Spliced shingle. In the manufacturing process sometimes shingles are spliced to keep production moving along. Installers are supposed to toss them but sometimes they miss them. The shingle should be replaced.

The second photo looks like footfall. It typically shows up on tab edges like that.

Damage in the second photo was prior to installation…usually when a pack gets dropped or damaged…it is not post installation damage.

I haven’t seen de-lamination on that new of a shingle…usually 5 - 7 years however the owner needs to contact the manufacturer. There is a clear strip on the underside from which you can get the manufacturer info.

I have a photo practically identical to the first one in a PowerPoint from a major insurance company training film for claims adjusters. It’s identified as splicing.

The photo below is one I took on an inspection at a section of roof with a door leading to it. The seller explained to me that his kids liked to play on the roof and the (considerable) damage, most of which looked like this, he identified as damage fom the kids running up and down the roof. He was a contractor.
The insurance PowerPoint also mentions footfall damaged tab butts.

So that’s what my answer’s based on…

Jeff’s right about the information on the cellophane strip, unless they tore them off.

Manufacturer’s warrantees are sometimes limited or voided by a sale, so sellers ought to contact the manufacturer and have it replaced before the transaction closes.

Footfall - Copy.JPG

Thanks guys

Picture #2 looks like it could be from wind damage. See a lot fo that in Florida from flying debirs during high winds