Roof Flashing for a 14 old roof

My roof is 14 years old and shigles are good (contractor told me that it would stand for another 5~6 years).

I had a leak in near chimney due to bad flashing. I am planning to replace my flashing.

  1. Do I need to redo the flashing when I replace the roof after 5 years?

  2. Roofing company is asking for $500 more for a cricket dam. Just want to decide if is worth to spend that now are wait until reroofing.

Please advise.

A picture or two always helps. Sounds like you have asphalt or Composition shingles? If the flashing is done properly you should not have to replace it in 5 years when you re-roof. If a cricket is the proper method of flashing for your condition it may be a good idea to install it now, rather than later. If you replace the existing flashing now, then install the cricket when you re-roof in five years you will be paying for 2 sets of flashing.

  1. Yes, At that point the flashing will be 19 years old. Unless its’s copper or stainless steel, replace it. Cheaper to do it during a roof replacement than to have a roofing company make a special trip for just flashing replacement a few years later. You may get a better job, too.

  2. If the roof leaks above the chimney for the next 5 years, you may wind up tearing off and replacing roof sheathing (or fixing rafters or worse) in addition to replacing shingles at that time. If the roof barely leaks, maybe you can wait 5 years. Will building the cricket be cheaper 5 years from now?