Roof garden

Picture say it all.



Hmmmm…that would make for an interesting report!

Recommend watering once a week in dry weather.

Why, Cacti dont need much water.

Exactly. It’s simply a “green roof.” That looks like Echinopsis scopulicola, aka Easter lily cactus. It grows rapidly and has huge blooms which bloom when? That’s right, boys and girls. Easter! It can easily survive on a couple of inches of water a year.

It would rot if you watered it that much.

No wonder all my plants die. I have a black thumb, don’t listen to me.

Not to worry.

I can help.

Back in July, one of the mid-size brokerages here had a July 4th street party to which they invited all their past Clients and their business associates. I was one of two home inspectors there, and there were about 20 of my past Clients there as well.

One couple took me aside, filled my glass with margaritas (they remembered!), and asked me about the vegetation section in my [Interactive Report System]( for NACHI members.pdf) and if I was serious when I stated that they could take me up on my standing offer to introduce them to San Diego County’s nurseries. “Absolutely,” I said enthusiastically.

So a couple of weeks after that, they called me up one Friday, I hooked up the trailer, and off we went. “Go north,” I said, “Go north.” They spent almost $500 on some really cool tropical-looking succulents that are extremely easy to grow (it’s almost impossible to underwater succulents, and it’s almost impossible to overwater succulents–ah, the beauty of succulents).

They were one of the first people to get my T&B postcard this past week, and they sent me an email yesterday thanking me for the reminder and telling me about how lovely their yard looks, how many comments they get from their neighbors, and how proud her mom is since she (not the mom) has always had a black thumb.

So just hang around me and you will learn a lot, perhaps even about things that you don’t want to learn about. :mrgreen: :margarit: