Roof gate not latching

Upon inspection of this new construction flat roof in Washington DC, I observed the roof gate not latching. This is a safety hazard. Evaluation and correction is required by the builder.

You got it, Patrick. A safety hazard. :+1:

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Nothing to evaluate, (repair as required so the lock functions for safety)


Don’t matter much for this location, Bear. LOL

If you are not the local AHJ, you may not want to use the word “required.” You could use “recommended” instead. You may also want to limit stating specifically who should do it. Instead, just say “correction by a qualified contractor recommended.” These are just good practices in my opinion.


Thank you Mr. Cage, Thank you for your response. This is my first time on the forum.

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Thank you for the feedback Mr. Uecker, Since it was a new construction and my client was taking it back to the builder. But I see your point.


Thank you Mr Cyr, got it.

You’re right, and I do mention the builder so the client knows the builder is a satisfactory resource for correction.

My verbiage often includes the builder. “recommend correction by a qualified contractor or the builder”.

I do this to contrast other defects that may go beyond the builder, such as a defect that needs to be elevated to a specific discipline such as an engineer.

And as @ruecker mentioned, the builder is not required to do anything and may resent these statements.

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