Roof impact certification

I have a client who’s insurance company is asking for a impact certification rating for a clay tile roof. The roof is original to the house which is 113 years old. Is there any way short of testing the impact resistance of the existing roof tiles to give them a classification rating?

I was under the impression that a roof can be certified for impact resistance only if the manufacturer provides results of a 3rd party test, following a specific protocol, and then submits the approval.


Those are high-quality French-style tiles. The lack of biological growth and damage indicates that they’re in very good condition, with vitrification still intact. Tile manufacturers from that time period will be gone, or swallowed up by other companies. My guess is Ludowici (now owned by CertainTeed) or Mound City (gone). Both were around in the early 1900s.

For better information on historic tiles, look for an historic tile yard in a city near you. They’re scattered around the country and can be a big help in identifying and providing information about historic tile. Denver has one about the size of a football field.