Roof Inspection Pilot Program being launched from Denver on August 6, 2013

Roof Inspection Pilot Program being launched from Denver, Colorado, on August 6, 2013.

For the Denver event details, visit
For the national program details, visit

I am definitely interested, but must wait until it can come through on this site, or for another opportunity down the road.

Hi, Mark.

We’ll be starting with:

  • Denver, Colorado;
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida;
  • Portland, Oregon; and
  • Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’re looking a expanding to more markets, including your area.

And we’ll also be providing a few webinars. So, you’ll be able to attend the webinars at anytime, even if your area is not on the immediate list.

I’ll be there.

I will be there via webinar, unless you guys are going to cross the border in the future.

New video:

Why did those cities get picked for the pilot run they don’t even know what real hail evens looks like we get more roof replacements in okla in one year than those cities combined:roll:

These roof inspections are not for hail damage.
They are for collecting data that will contribute to a warranty claim resolution process. The claim events will mostly originate from roof leaks, cracked shingles, and blown off tabs.

93 inspectors registered to attend so far!

Ill be in Fort Lauderdale on the 26th. Hope to see some other Florida Nachi Members there as well.


Seems like giving a 3rd party private information…UH OH…

Yeah, we’re the third party though. These are Owens Corning’s manufacturer’s warranty clients… millions of them.

Well over 100 RSVPs and climbing.

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I just ordered more dessert!

We’ve having:

  • Starbucks coffee;
  • assorted hot teas;
  • freshly baked cookies;
  • assorted muffins;
  • freshly baked brownies;
  • sliced pound cake with strawberry compote and whipped cream; and
  • sliced seasonal fruit and berries.

Wow! And that’s just for breakfast! Please post the lunch menu!..hehehe.


Owens Corning actually has that many warranty claims?
remind me not to use those shingles on my house…