roof inspection (posted by Sue Tavares)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Sue Tavares (from Gridley, CA). [/ASKNACHI]Would a home inspector be able to recognize the problem with a “bastard” roof during a visual inspection?

Do not know what you mean by Bastard roof but an experienced Home inspector can give close life expectancy in his area and spot most incorrect visable instillations.
More information could help.
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A bastard roof is usually a hip roof with different pitches on different planes. That should not have anything significant to do with the life expectancy of the roof covering, in and of itself, assuming the correct shingle type is installed for the minimum slope.

A qualified home inspector should be able to recognize the problems with this roof, as they do not differ from any other roof covering.

That would depend on a lot of factors, such as accessability, weather, height, age, attic access, is view inhibited by insulation, owners permission to walk roof.

Should an inspector note in his report that a significant amount of roofing nails have already protruded through the shingles and that for many, a patch of some sort of sealant has been applied?

Wouldn’t a situation of this nature indicate a significant problem that could lead to water penetration through the roof?