Roof Inspection

During my roof inspection, I discovered one half of the roof was 2-3 shades darker (newer) then the rest of the roof…Hmm! I finished inspecting the other components of the roof and then asked the owner if he had any previous issues with the roof and/or water issues. His reply was “I never had any water problems”. That peaked my curiosity so I skip my usual routine of doing the attic last. The owner was really hesitant about removing belongings that was blocking attic entry from a bedroom closet. I finally got up into the attic and discovered buckets and pans in between the ceiling joist on the same side as the new roof along with water stains on top of the insulation. Attics play an important role of any roof inspection. I do my best to access all that I inspect

Maybe that’s why they replaced the one side. :wink: