Roof inspectoin field guide for defect photos

Nick and I will be turning the Flash Card project into an indexed photo library for sale.
Submit your inspection defect photos for use in the Flash Card project for photo credit, and if they are accepted for inclusion in the Flash Card project, and if you also give permission to use them in the library, you’ll receive one roof inspection field guide of your choice, a $14.95 value. We’ll be contacting those who have already submitted photos for the Flash Card project to ask about permission for the library.

Photo guidelines:

  1. We’re looking for photos of conditions that are unusual and take experience/good judgement to evaluate. We don’t need downspouts terminating next to foundations or asphalt shingles blown off by wind.

  2. Good electrical photos are hard to find because of the shape of service and sub-panels. For all single defects, we can use two photos, often a medium, establishing shot, followed by a closeup of the the defect.

  3. Please include an explanation of the defects in the photos you are submitting.

  4. The higher the resolution the better! Minimum is 640x480.

  5. Multiple photos have a better chance of acceptance.

Please send photos to