Roof is toast!

Here’s a good one and why I walk roofs. Full dormered Cape with new roof??? Looked good on the front.

Guess they forgot to do the back.

001 (Small).JPG

026 (Small).JPG

025 (Small).JPG

027 (Small).JPG

That’s insane. Why would anyone go through the trouble of re-roofing just one side? Maybe that’s the “new” standard for “House Staging”??


Yes for those that don’t like height and or have a lead Butt would have missed this one also not visible from no where but on top

6795 E Lake Rd PC 4-11-12 026.jpg

6795 E Lake Rd PC 4-11-12 026.jpg

6795 E Lake Rd PC 4-11-12 021.jpg

Was probably a dispute between the owner and roofer…so he only received half a roof. lol

Yep… Gotta get up on those roofs, or at the very least, get on a ladder at the gutter level to be sure that you don’t miss something that big! Ouch !!!

Thanks for the picture Peter.

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Is that rolled roofing on the other side?

I still do not understand why inspectors walk on roofs, risk damage to someone else’s roof, and falls and injuries to themselves. I can see all you see from your pictures via binocculars or by ladder at gutter edges. I right up this stuff often. Very common here. My binocculars are so powerful, often I have to step back to get a clear view of the roof and chimney. Bushnell Perma-Focus 10x50.

Yes, it was!!!

Gary, couldn’t see this roof from the ground. Walk out basement with two stories above that, needed a 32’ ladder which I didn’t have with me.

I have never actually seen rolled roofing. Is that proper flashing on the plumbing stack for a flat rolled roof?

I guess they did not expect someone to be able to look at it Peter.
I would have found a way to get up there too. :slight_smile:


That’s your foot prints…:wink:

Ya, I guess the homeowner was a little surprised too!!!

Not exactly but believe it or not it wasn’t leaking… Yet.

Good catch! I have seen this done a couple of times. Street side looks brand new, and the back is worn out. Things are not always what they seem.

Sometimes it is just the opposite.


??? I have no words for this kind of thinking???:shock:

Maybe thats why he stays home everyday while we’re out inspecting!!!

I don’t understand how he keeps from having his dockers sued off. I guarantee the list woud be long of the items missed from the drip edge or the ground.

Never been to court in 12 years, and 5,000 inspections. As a former roofer and home builder, you do not need to walk on roofs. This has been discussed here several times. Next time any of you are in KC, come with me on some inspections. You would learn alot.

Just be sure your cell phone is on you, and someone else is at the inspection when you walk on roofs. It only takes once. I do not take that chance.

Any rolled roofing, new or old, should be written up, IMO. I have yet to see rolled roofing installed properly.

Don’t BS me I have been around the block to many times you have no clue what you missed nor does the home owner unless the roof leaks on his head. You might convience these new guys you know what you are doing sounds to me like you have done 5k home inspections incorrectly. Come tag along with me and I will teach you how to perform a home inspection with no BS and then you won’t have to whine about no work