Roof is toast!

Sorry, Charlie. It should be the other way around. Dan Bowers calls me all the time for advice and home inspection information, along with many other repair persons and contractors. You may be mistaken.

I doubt it Dan just calls to humor you he knows your just setting home whining about business;-)
Come do a ride along I am a good trainer were not far apart I will put you busy:D

Here’s a couple that I think I would have missed if I didn’t walk the roof.

Austin 027 (Mobile).JPG

Austin 027 (Mobile).JPG


Austin 042 (Mobile).JPG

2012-05-07_09-43-49_714 (Mobile).jpg

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There is just some things you can’t see from the ground or binoculars Pete. Huh!?:slight_smile:

You got that right!!!

Here is another one not visible from the back yard, ladder or attic…

Not for anything but if you look out the window you can see those issues also.

Ya, maybe, but I would have to climb out the window on to the roof to get a good picture :stuck_out_tongue:

There is little home inspection work here because I will not stoop to the $199 guy, who most RE agents love and recommend. If you have to walk on a roof to do a good roof inspection, you need more roof education, IMHO.

One company here is $249 on any size home with termite and radon. I bet he walks on the roof; not.

The last photo I put in post #26 was of a new home (5 years old). That particular area of the roof was not visible from anywhere around the house as the back yard was tiny, butting up to a bayou, so impossible to go back enough and not visible from the ladder at the gutters. It also was not visible from the attic as that area had no access, no moisture stains in the ceiling (as you can see the shingle had most likely been missing for a while, by the sign of rust on the nails on the top left corner of the photo. The rest of the roof was in good shape, flashed well. No reasons to wonder if there would be a hip shingle missing.

I am not denying your competency or education about roof inspections, but I call BS on your statement above.
Had you inspected that house without walking the roof might have resulted in one of your many inspections without a single complaint from your clients, however, you still would not have caught that hole in the roof covering waiting for rain to leak into the attic, thus not making your roof inspection complete and accurate.

I’m not saying that I walk every single roof (still pretty much most of them, the last one I did not walk was because it was raining), but your blanket statement does not hold water. IMHO

I have seen too many professional roofers cause roof damage just by walking on them. Here in Kansas, we have cold weather, and very hot weather. Walking on roofs during these weather conditions will cause damage. It really depends on your area, and weather conditions. I have disclaimed and not inspected many roofs that are three to four stories in the air just for my own safety. I have seen too many roofers fall from roofs. A man has to know his limitations—Clint Eastwood.

I agree with you! I was just commenting on your statement about needing more education if one cannot do a good roof inspection without walking the roof.

Here is a 3 story house (not a condo). Roof I did not walk because too high, I didn’t have a ladder tall enough and also was completely non visible from ground. The attic was in good shape, but no possible way to make any statement about the roof except disclaim it. No education would have allowed me to make a “good” roof inspection as none of the flashing or roof covering was visible (don’t even know what type of covering).


Here’s another one. No way you can see this stuff from the ground.

Home owner had the roof replaced 6-8 years ago and there was no access to the area below this chimney.

Faro 035 (Mobile).JPG

Faro 035 (Mobile).JPG

Ok this is way off topic but I keep hearing people talk about not having any inspections in Kansas. What is going on over there?

What a mess, and where did the water go coming off the cricket. ?:slight_smile:

Inspectors trying to run their business like Wal-Mart I would presume!

Not sure Marcel, this was over a cathedral ceiling and didn’t appear to be leaking…Yet!!!

I was at a home just last week, roof covering looked great! very new looking. From outside. From the attice, several planks broken/missing and you can plainly see a gap with tar paper and shingles over it. would have hated to step on that spot.

Folks around here are sue happy I can hear it noew
seller: “It didnt leak until you made that hole”
me: “the roof is improperly sheeted and should nat have a space my foot can fall through”
seller: “you’re paying to fix that”
me"let me get this straight, your roofer did a bad job and it’s my fault?"
seller"my roofer stopped the leak, you ruined his work, you’re fixing it"

if you go up, be careful…I typically get up on a ladder get a real close look, and if I walk up there, GO SLOW AND TREAD LIGHTLY (as lightly as a 230 ld guy can tread).

You don’t look that old or heavy from your pic :wink: