Roof looks good...upclose I dont see flashing...Need advice

Roof looks like its in good working condition from all angles.
No signs of water penetration anywhere…Attic, Garage rafters
inside of the house etc…

Up-close where the fascia meets the roof…I dont see flashing.

I see the edge of the plywood. Is this an acceptable form of construction?

If the shingles overhang at least 1-1/2", there shouldn’t be any issue. Any less drip-edge is required as opposed to recommended.

Even in this rainy climate, I very seldom see drip edge or rake edge flashing. I always recommend it but it is still rarely installed.

They finally started to learn that the OSB sheathing was 10x more susceptible to moisture so they use plywood for the exterior 2’ of sheathing. It should still have the flashing.

Thanks Steve…

so what happens lets say in 5 years time the osb/plywood has sucked up water and is now dry rot…think about that for a sec???

what about your roof to wall area? from your pic I do not see steep flashings but could be hard to see from the pic…make sure your r to w area has flashing and is not just sealed with caulking…

No! There is no drip edge installed. And therefore there is probably no rake edge flashing installed either.

Keep looking and looking and looking. When you go up your ladder you naturally check this 1st. Then, did they use a starter course? Is the bottom course sealed down? And off to the races you go. Such a basic error at the very beginning of the job is usually a good indicator of lots of other problems and maybe a ‘drive-buy’ AHJ inspection.:shock:

What are you talking about?

Take a look at some roofs in Richmond after the 'cane. Shingles should NEVER 'overhang at least 1 1/2"! They should be sealed down tight and flush with the drip edge. I have never seen Roofing MII that allowed such a overhang.

Put a 100 mph windload on your ‘overhang’ for an extended time period and see where the shingles end up in the next zip code.