Roof Mounted Combination Units

Guess how old these babies are?

Would you believe these American Standard units were manufactured in May 2004 and installed in February 2005.

2007 12 12.jpg

2007 12 12.jpg

2007 12 12_0882.jpg

2007 12 12_0881.jpg

2007 12 12_0880.jpg

Acid rain? Seriously, was this a commercial/industrial application that might have caustic emissions from inside or nearby?

Commercial/retail with no manufacturing of any type nearby. It is one block from the Ocean however. Heard from the HVAC Contractor that the American Standard Rep visited the site today. American Standard will be providing two replacement condensers for the combination units. Evidently an ocassional run of condenser coils make it out of the factory without proper protective coating.

Shucks that was going to be my question how close to the ocean.

Used to service a unit on the outside of a refinery control room south side was exposed to a process unit very toxic. Had to have the metal solder joints analyzed as the Ph would deteriorate in the joints and start leaking within two months of installation. The coils had to be be removed and a special coating applied to make the units last more than a year. Used to call the unit the training unit as we sent all of the pups down to practice soldering.

Management always stated air quality was fine but you could lay a brand new shiny copper fitting on the top of the A/C disconnect and within 24 hours it would be totally black.:shock: