Roof of the Week

What a roofing job, leaks abound! :slight_smile:








any clues why it might be leaking John?…You might want to submit that to the biggest defects thread…what a mess…jim

The entire structure is a defect catalog from A to Z, I did not know where to start! Owner worked hard, but had no clue (or permits). Will post a few other gems tomorrow.

Man, you can’t do a roof that wrong by accident. Was the owner somehow, either physically or mentally “not right”? I mean, you would have had to never seen a roof before to do this so wrong. Is this some kind of a joke?

I question the buyer’s mental stability. :shock:

The owner is a phys-ed teacher at the local elementry school and this is the 3rd. grade class project.:cool:

now that could explain it…

Looks like they washed, rinsed and repeated as desired. Oops wrong instructions.

That is what happens when you have the 3 stooges do the roof…