Roof pic

Owner told me he replaced his roof 2 years ago.



I think I would of asked him nicely to not lie to me please----:twisted:

Or, ---- yes, I see you did replace a couple shingles, you just forgot to replace the rest of them----:lol:

He did replace the front, and it looked damm good from the street and driveway. I walked around the back and what a mess.

About three-four years ago Robert I inspected a building for a wheelchair bound individual, the contractor did exactly that, replaced the front, and did not touch the back portion (small commercial building), the guy showed me the invoice, I couldn’t believe a contractor took advantage of someone with a disability.

I doubt this was the case here, but it certainly does occur…crazy…!

Not the case here, This guy was from Vietnam and he and his brother-in-law did the roof job. He told me the back don’t leak only the front did. I opened the phone book and point out a few roofers for him to call. This was a bank inspection, guy was trying for a loan.

He was robbed!!!:slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Odd he used 30 year old shingles for the replacement. :smiley:

maybe 30-day shingles…:raised:

Don’t knock the shingles. They are the new crumbled, worn out look. Soon everyone will want them on their roof! Oh, and they don’t leak. :smiley:

I just did one 2 weeks ago and it was a similar scenario, the seller was a pleasant woman in her late 80’s and was selling because her husband had died just a few months ago. She had amazing records for the home, original blueprints, lot survey, and builders catalogue from 1953 when she bought the home new, fully detailed energy costs for each year. She told me and showed me an invoice for a full roof replacement just a few months ago, unfortunately when I did the inspection only half was done up to the ridge and the other half was left with the old shingles in need of replacement. Man my blood boiled to think someone would take advantage of her like that and i told the agent that if she got a hold of these crooks that I would be happy to meet with them on her behalf:mad: . The buyer was a young couple , and the man said he wouldn’t hold it against her and that he and a couple buddies could do the other half in half a day.