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I recently performed a roof data job. I have 2 more lined up. All are for degranulation (sp?) to the shingles. The first job was real difficult as far as releasing the shingle from the bond. I’m only betting that the next two will be the same way. The issue was that in trying to release the bond with a wonderbar, large drywall trowel, and a painters scraper (like in the training video) the shingle above would shred or flake apart from what I am guessing is a lack of granules to help in keeping the shingle from falling apart or giving it extra “meat” to work with.
Can anyone offer advice if you have encountered this. I don’t want to leave a partial torn/shredded shingle that isn’t the one being replaced.
Would brining a small plumbers torch work on releasing the bond?

Thanks all!!

Lay down as close as you can to get a good eye for how you are cutting and use a utility knife to cut the bond apart. Make a thin pass then go deeper on the second cut.

Are you trying to do this in the heat of the day? Most of the adhesion hardens when it cools, so do this first thing in the morning and on the north side of the roof.

Plumber’s torch would be a no no.:shock:

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I agree with Brad, coolest time of the day would be best[/FONT]

Yes, maybe even use some kind of cold packs. I have not got an email to do one of these yet, but from my experience roofing… Colder the better for separating shingles. My favorite item of dismantlement for this task is a flat bar about 9" long with about 1" 90 degree pry end, and the bar is about an 1/8" thick. The bar will lay completely flat against the roof, unlike the paint scrapper, where the handle creates a slight angle digging into the roof. Carefully negate the bond with small bites using the bar parallel to the length of the shingle. Time consuming, but gets the job done, also works great on removing bath surrounds too.

Flat bar and cold shingles only.

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